William Kamkwamba: Bio, Wind Mill, Inventor, Author & Writer

William Kamkwamba, a Malawian who changed the existences of thousands by recounting his account of difficulty, endurance, and advancement to the world. The book, “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” by William Kamkwamba uncovers in incredible detail the total visual deficiency that our western culture has in regards to the reality of life on the mainland of Africa.

As residents of the western world, we tend to see just the measurements and governmental issues of the conflicts, starvation, and calamities that happen in agricultural nations while neglecting to try and consider the people struck somewhere near them.

William Kamkwamba Delivering Speech
William Kamkwamba Delivering Speech

He also constructed a model utilizing a radio engine, and a 5-meter windmill out of a messed up bike, farm truck fan edge, old safeguard, and blue gum trees.

Quick Facts of William Kamkwamba

Full Name

William Kamkwamba

Nick Name


Birth Date

August 5, 1987


33 years old




Kasungu, Malawi

Father’s Name

Trywell Kamkwamba

Mother’s Name

Agness Kamkwamba

Sibling’s Name











Grand Jury Award


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind William Kamkwamba


Dartmouth College


Inventor, Author, and Writer

Marital Status

Not Married



Net Worth

$1 Million – $5 Million

Early Life of William Kamkwamba

William Kamkwamba, born on August 5, 1987, in Dowa, Malawi, and experienced childhood with his family in Masitala Village, Wimbe, upper east of Malawi’s capital city.

The second oldest of Trywell and Agnes Kamkwamba‘s seven kids, William has six sisters. William was taught at Wimbe Primary School, finishing eighth grade, and was then acknowledged to Kachokolo auxiliary school.

Because of serious starvation in 2001, his family comes up short on the assets to pay the $80 in yearly school charges and William had to exit school a couple of months into his first year. For a very long time, he couldn’t go to class.

Windmill and different activities

Beginning at 14, instead of acknowledging his destiny, William began getting books from a little local area loaning library situated at his previous grade school.

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He acquired an eighth-grade American course book called Using Energy, which portrayed breeze turbines on its cover. He chose to construct a windmill to control his family’s home and hinder the requirement for lamp oil, which gave just smoky, glimmering, removed, and costly light after dim.

Windmill from damaged bike

First, he constructed a model utilizing a radio engine, at that point his underlying 5-meter windmill out of a messed up bike, farm truck fan edge, old safeguard, and blue gum trees. In the wake of snaring the windmill to a vehicle battery for capacity, William had the option to control four lights and charge neighbors’ cell phones.

This framework was even outfitted with hand-crafted light switches and an electrical switch produced using nails, wire, and magnets. The windmill was subsequently reached out to 12 meters to all the more likely catch the breeze over the trees. A third windmill siphoned dim water for the water system.

Windmill from damaged Bike
Windmill from damaged Bike

Resulting projects have included clean water, jungle fever anticipation, sunlight based force and lighting for the six homes in his family compound; profound water well with a sun oriented fueled siphon for clean water, a trickling water system framework, and the furnishing of the town group Wimbe United with their first since forever regalia and shoes.

Since getting their sun and wind-themed outfits, the group has been beating the competition consistently that has united the town with satisfaction.

After Windmill Project

The windmill project drew numerous guests from kilometers around, including Dr. Hartford Mchazime, Ph.D., the appointee overseer of the MTTA, the Malawian NGO answerable for the local area library.

Mchazime brought press, including The Malawi Daily Times, who composed a tedious account.

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Soyapi Mumba and Mike McKay, engineers at Baobab Health Partnership in Malawi contributed to a blog about the article, and information on William’s creations arrived at Emeka Okafor, program chief for TEDGlobal, a renowned assembling of masterminds and trend-setters.

Okafor looked tenaciously to discover William and welcome him to the gathering as an individual. William’s introduction prompted extra coaches, contributors, and organizations to support his schooling and further undertakings.

William Kamkwamba as a Writer

Kamkwamba additionally composed and played out an HIV avoidance parody with his six closest companions, entitled You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover to more than 500 residents on three events.


Because of difficult work and raising money by Dr. Mchazime, William, at last, re-joined up with secondary school at Madisi auxiliary school where he burned through one trimester and afterward moved to African Bible College Christian Academy, a private academy in the capital city of Lilongwe.

Award won by William Kamkwamba
Award won by William Kamkwamba

He finished his first entire year back in school in June 2008. During summer 2008 he considered drenching English at Regents Language Institute in Cambridge, UK.

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In the wake of shifting on from The African Leadership Academy in 2010, William registered at Dartmouth school, where he is as of now concentrating on plans to graduate in the spring of 2014.

After Graduation

In September 2008, William began as one of 97 debut understudies at the African Leadership Academy, another dish African private academy based outside of Johannesburg, South Africa however mission is to teach the cutting edge with thorough scholastics, moral administration preparing, business, and plan (africanleadershipacademy.org).

He graduated in June of 2010 and William entered Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, USA.

Talkings of William Kamkwamba

Kamkwamba was an individual at the lofty TEDGlobal Conference in Arusha, Tanzania where he talked momentarily (video at ted.com) and talked at the World Economic Forum Africa (weforum.org) meeting in Cape Town, June 2008 where he keynoted the AMD-supported innovation pre-gathering and talked on a board.

He talked at International CES in January 2009; the excellent opening of the African Leadership Academy in February 2009; the Africa Economic Forum at Columbia University in March 2009; the Aspen Ideas Festival, and will talk at TED Global 2009, Maker Faire Africa, and Science Chicago in summer 2009.

Narrative Film

William is the subject of a narrative short movie Moving Windmills, delivered by Tom Rielly and coordinated and altered by Ari Kushnir and Scott Thrift of Missing Pieces which was chosen as one of 50 movies out of 2500+ sections for Pangea Day, an overall film which occurred May 10, 2008, of every six urban communities around the globe.

Casts of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Casts of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The film won the North American Filmmaker’s Award from Participant Productions, makers of An Inconvenient Truth, Good Night and Good Luck, and Charlie Wilson’s War.

Expanding on their underlying achievement, Tom Rielly and Ben Nabors are right now creating a full-length narrative on Kamkwamba.

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Kamkwamba is one of twelve trailblazers highlighted in another one year show Fast Forward: Inventing the Future, which opened September 3, 2008 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

In Addition, the show includes the previously mentioned film, photographs, and genuine hand-made electro-mechanical gadgets worked by William.

William Kamkwamba’s Book

He has completed his personal history The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope with co-creator Bryan Mealer (creator, everything being equal, Must Fight to Live, his reportage of the battle in the Democratic Republic of Congo). William Morrow, an engraving of Harper Collins therefore will distribute the book overall on September 29, 2009.


Kamkwamba was profiled on the first page of The Wall Street Journal December 8, 2007, too in significant articles in The Malawi Daily Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, La Repubblica, Banker Magazine (Financial Times, UK), an uncommon Africa issue of L’Uomo Vogue and horde blog entries on locales like Boing, Worldchanging and Treehugger, and his blog has been included on the first page of information aggregators like Digg and Reddit.


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