Stephen Hawking: Black Hole, Wife, Theory, Disease & Net Worth

Stephen Hawking was a famous scientist who contributed his life to science. One of the most significant discoveries of his is definitely a black hole. Not to mention he is also the author of the masterpiece, The brief history of time. His work and theory have inspired many and motivated young ones, especially differently able people, to pursue their science careers.

There is no doubt that Stephen has unlocked new potential for a human being in many ways. He was a humble man whose death caused a great loss to this world. In this article about Stephen Hawking, we will briefly talk about this brilliant scientist in detail. Let’s get started with some quick facts;

Some Quick Facts About Stephen Hawking

Full Name

Stephen William Hawking

Nick Name

Stephen Hawking

Birth Date

January 8, 1942

Age of Death

76 years old

Death Date

March 14 , 2018



Birth Place

Oxford, England

Father’s Name


Mother’s Name

Isobel Eileen Hawking


Philippa, Mary, and Edward Frank David


Black Hole, Hawking radiation, Big Bang Theory,








St Albans School

University College

University of Cambridge

Trinity Hall


Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author, Scientist

Marital Status



Jane Wilde (1965 to 1995)

Elaine Mason (1995 to 2007)


Lucy Hawking, Robert, and Timothy

Net Worth

$20 million

Social Media


Stephen Hawking Nationality, Parents, Siblings

Stephen was born in the year 1942 on 8 January in Oxford, England. Therefore he belongs to an English nationality. He was born to father Frank and mother Isobel Eileen Hawking. His family members were mainly involved in the doctor profession. Although his great grandparents did not have a healthy income, his parents still managed to enroll at the University of Oxford.

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Eileen was a secretary for a medical research institute, while Frank was a medical researcher. Due to his father’s world and promotion at National Institute for medicinal Research, they migrated to St Albans, Hertfordshire. As a matter of fact, Hawking was blessed to gave two younger sisters Philippa, Mary, and one adopted brother named Edward Frank David

According to reliable sources, Hawking’s family were knowledgeable and eccentric. During mealtime, the whole family used to eat silently while reading a book. They used to live in a poorly maintained large house.

Childhood and Education

The first school Stephen went to happens to be Byron House School in Highgate London. For a few months, this famous scientist joined St Albans High School for Girls when he was just eight years old. At that time, young boys could study in one of those houses. He was planning to enroll in Westminister School, but due to his bad health, he could not appear in the scholarship exam, and his family could not afford it.

Therefore, Stephen studied at St Alban’s School. Hawking enjoyed playing board games when he was a kid, making prototypes, fireworks, airplane sand boats. With the assistance of mathematics teacher Dikran Tahta, they made a computer from clock parts, old telephone switch boars, and other recycled components.

Stephen Hawking
The amazing scientist Stephen Hawking

Despite the fact that Stephen was called an Einstein in his school, he never excelled academically. His teacher and considerable aptitude for scientific objects inspired him to study mathematics at university. His father was very concerned with his future as there were fewer job options for mathematicians and wanted him to complete his study on medicine.

During that time, it was nearly possible to study math; henceforth, Stephen decided to pursue his study in physics and chemistry. Luckily he received a scholarship after taking the exam in March 1959. Later on, he enrolled at University College at the age of 17. At the beginning of his high school life, he was bored and mostly lonely.

In the finals, he was not that good at study, therefore he only did theoretical physics rather than questions that needed factual knowledge. Stephen estimated that he studied approximately 1000 hours during his three years at Oxford. Eventually, Hawking received a first-class B.A. (Hons.) degree in physics and went on a trip to Iran. Moving on. he graduated from Trinity Hall in October 1962.

Career Life

As soon as Stephen arrived at the University of Cambridge in 1962, he initiated his Ph.D. He was supervised by Fred Hoyle, who was an infamous astrophysicist at the time. In fact, he later worked with Dennis Sciama, a physicist he knew nothing about. Dennis was always eager to talk, which encouraged this physicist to pursue his vision.

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Instantly, Stephen discovered big band theory. The name big bang was used in mockery, but people adored it. He vigorously studied the work of Roger Penrose that proved the general theory of relativity of Einstein. He discovered that at the heart of every black hole must be a point where time and space breakdown themselves- a singularity.

Stephen Hawking Wife and Kids

In the year of 1962, Hawking encountered beautiful Jane Wilde. They fell in love instantly and engaged a couple of years after that. In 1963, this brilliant physicist was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and being engaged gave him the hope to live more. Similarly, they walked down the aisle on 14 July 1965.

Soon after that, they resided near the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). In 1967 they gave birth to their first child Robert Hawking. In 1969, Lucy was born, and Timothy was born in April 1979. Although they were married for a longer time, Stephen rarely shared his physical challenges with Judy.

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking with his wife Judy

Judy used to take care of him all the time, but in between, Bernard Carr came to their house to provide utmost care to Stephen. In December 1977, Jude encountered organist Jonathan Hellyer Jones. He used to visit Hawking’s residence all the time, and in a matter of time, they fell in love with each other. However, this bright scientist did not oppose them and prevented his family and relation from falling apart.

After the tracheotomy in 1985, Stephen needed a nurse 24/7. Amidst all this, nurse Elaine Mason and Stephen grew closer with each other. Surprisingly, Hawking decided to let go of Jany in February 1990. Finally, they divorced in 1995. After their tragic breakup, Jane Hawking published a memoir titled Music to Move the stars. She thoroughly described her marriage and breakdown.

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According to some research, it has been revealed that his wife physically abused Stephen. However, there is no valid evidence to support it as the physicist denied making a complaint. Surprisingly the couple broke up in 2006. After that, Hawking became close with his ex-wife, children, and grandchildren.

Disability and Death

Stephen suffered from a rare slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that impacted the motor neuron in the spinal cord and brain. Moving on, it even made him paralyzed for over a decade. At the development stage of this disease, hawking became very clumsy.

He used to fall down the stairs; his voice was slurred. At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with MND and told that he would only survive for a couple of years. Despite all this, he did not give up as his wife; the family supported him to the fullest. In 1970 he started using wheels chair.

Stephen with Sheldon Lee Cooper from Tv series Big Bang Theory

On March 14, 2018. Stephen died at his home in Cambridge. He was 76 years old and died peacefully. To mourn his death, The Gonville and Caius College flag flew at half-mast. His funeral took place at Great St Mary’s Church on March 31, 2018. Several stars, guitarists, astrophysicists visited his funeral. Later his ashes were interred in Abbey’s nave between the graves of Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

In his memorial stone, “Here lies what was mortal of Stephen Hawking 1942-2018,” was inscribed and his famous equation. Prior to his death, he directed that Berenstein Hawking’s entropy equation would be his epitaph. In March 2019, it was reported that the Royal Mint issued a 50 pence coin in honor of Stephen.

Stephen Hawking Net Worth

There is no denying that this English scientist made a hefty amount of money through his theory, invention, and books. According to some reliable media, it is reported that Stephen had an astounding net worth of $20 million.

Fun Facts

  • Stephen has written five children’s books along with his daughter Lucy.
  • Doctors diagnosed Stephen with ALS and said he would not live past his early 20’s.
  • According to Kristine M, Larsen, Hawking ran over Prince Charles‘s toes. She does not know whether it is true or not.
  • Stephen adored making a scientific bet, although he kept losing them.
  • His theory “Black Holes should radiate” was controversial at first. Later this concept was known as Hawking radiation. It is also the biggest contribution in the history of cosmology.
  • He believed that A.I. would invite dangers, like powerful weapons or a new way to suppress humankind. Stephen also said that A.I. may develop a will of its own that will conflict with ours. He said, “The rise of powerful A.I. will be the best or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.

Awards and Honors

Stephen Hawking Receiving Medal from President
Stephen Hawking Receiving Medal from President
  • Adamns Prize (1966)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society (1974)
  • Adams Prize (1966)
  • Eddington Medal (1975)
  • Maxwell Medal and Prize (1976)
  • Heineman Prize (1976)
  • Hughes Medal (1976)
  • Albert Einstein Award (1978)
  • Albert Einstein Medal (1979)
  • RAS Gold Medal (1985)
  • Dirac Medal (1987)
  • Wolf Prize (1988)
  • Prince of Asturias Award (1989)
  • Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences (1992)
  • Andrew Gemant Award (1998)
  • Naylor Prize and Lectureship (1999)
  • Lilienfeld Prize (1999)
  • Albert Medal (1999)
  • Copley Medal (2006)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)
  • Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (2012)
  • BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award (2015)
  • BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Basic Sciences (2015)
  • Pride of Britain Awards (2016)

Popular Science Books

  • A Brief History of Time (1988)
  • The Universe in a Nutshell (2001)
  • Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays (1993)
  • On the Shoulders of Giants (2002)
  • God Created the Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History (2005)
  • The Dreams That Stuff Is Made of: The Most Astounding Papers of Quantum Physics and How They Shook the Scientific World (2011)
  • My Brief History (2013)
  • Brief Answers to the Big Questions (2018)

Popular Children’s Books With daughter Lucy

  • George’s Secret Key to the Universe (2007)
  • George and the Big Bang (2011)
  • George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt (2009)
  • George and the Unbreakable Code (2014)
  • George and the Blue Moon (2016)

Movies and T.V. series

  • A Brief History of Time (1992)
  • Stephen Hawking’s Universe (1997)
  • Hawking – BBC television film (2004)
  • Horizon: The Hawking Paradox (2005)
  • Masters of Science Fiction (2007)
  • Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything (2007)
  • Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe (2008)
  • Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010)
  • Brave New World with Stephen Hawking (2011)
  • Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design (2012)
  • The Big Bang Theory (2012)
  • Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine (2013)
  • The Theory of Everything – Feature film (2014)
  • Genius by Stephen Hawking (2016)

Quotes of Stephen Hawking

  • Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be Curious. – Stephen Hawking
  • However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. – Stephen Hawking
  • Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. – Stephen Hawking
  • Not only does God play dice, but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen. – Stephen Hawking
  • We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. – Stephen Hawking
  • I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road. – Stephen Hawking
  • Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion. – Stephen Hawking

Some FAQs

  • How much is the net worth of Stephen Hawking?

The total net worth of Stephen Hawking is around $20 Million.

  • Was Stephen differently able since his birth?

No, he was a normal young man at his childhood and grew up with four siblings.

  • What did Hawking discovered?

Stephen Hawking discovered that the black hole emits radiation.


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