Ryan Reynolds is one the celebrated Hollywood’s leading man. Blessed with a striking golden look and abundance of skill, this fabulous actor has appeared in popular tv shows and movies. There is no denying that his work is praised with awards and accolades every year. As a matter of fact, […]

Tyler Blevins or video-game fans call his Ninja, is an uprising gamer who has maintained his status as a mainstream star. He is famous for his puckish commentary during his game shows. Until now, he has accumulated 16.6 million followers on Twitch, 24 million subscribers on YouTube, 14.4 million on […]

“I am not fat, I am Fluffy, Hot, and Fluffy”-Gabriel Iglesias. He has made his name an American comedian, writer, actor, voice artist, and Hollywood. He is smart, funny, and has the humility that attracts people towards him. With his work, passion, and dedication, Gabriel Iglesias net worth is increasing […]

One of the biggest underground artists globally, Tom MacDonald has accumulated more than half a billion YouTube views with hundreds of millions of streams. Also, he has been on the top for selling over 100,000 albums exclusively on CD directly to the fans. Although he came from underground, Tom MacDonald […]