Charles Hard Townes was a renowned physicist of his times and did much of the researches and inventions on physics and been awarded for the same. During his career, he even worked when World War II took place on a radar bombing system. Lots of theories, essays, the thesis was […]

Allen Joseph bard is known as the Father of modern electrochemistry. He was an American chemist who made a significant contribution in the field of chemistry. Bard is regarded as the Father of electrochemistry for his innovative work of discovering and developing the scanning electrochemical microscope. He also co-discovered electrochemiluminescence […]

Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek, a largely self-taught man in science, was a Dutch businessman and scientist in the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology.  Van Leeuwenhoek is well known for his pioneering work in microscopy and, his remarkable contributions toward the establishment of microbiology as a scientific discipline hasn’t […]

James Tour is an American chemist and a nanotechnologist who is a Professor of Chemistry, NanoEngineering, Materials Science, and a Computer Science at the University of Rice in Houston, Texas. A BSC from the University of Syracuse, James M. Tour earned his Ph.D. in organic synthetic chemical and organometallic chemistry […]

David Baltimore an American Biologist born on March 07th, 1938, went to high school at the Jackson Memorial Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where his interest in Biology emerged. His first research there and connection with research biologists at work turn him to be a renowned Biologist. Besides being a […]

Max Born an intelligent German was born in a Jewish family on December 11th, 1882. His father was a professor of medical embryology and his mother came from a Breslau family, having a textile business. Born love music which he inherited from his mother but unfortunately Born lost his mother […]

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born on July 01st, 1646, in Leipzig, Saxony, now called Germany. He was a mathematician, philosopher of Enlightenment, and a passionate individual on Universal Science. Leibniz’s interest in mathematics let him create the differential and integral calculus and the modern binary number system. He became the […]