Hedy Lamarr: Bio, Actress, Marriage & Inventor of Wifi

Hedy Lamarr was born in Vienna, Austria, Hungary, and acted in several Austrian, German, and Czech films. In 1937, she fled from her husband, wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacture to Paris and London.

There Lamarr met Louis B.Mayer, head of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) studio, who offered her a Hollywood movie contract where he began promoting her as the world’s most beautiful woman.’ Hedy became a star through her performance in Algiers(1938), her first American film.

Beautiful Actress Hedy Lamarr
Beautiful Actress Hedy Lamarr

She starred opposite Clark Gable in Book Town and Comrade X( both 1940), and James Stewart in Come Live with Ziegfeld Girl ( both 1941) and me. Her other MGM movie includes Lady of the Tropics (1939), H.M.Pham.Esq. (1942), as well as Crossroads and White Cargo (1942); She was also borrowed by Warner Bros for The Conspirators, and by RKO for Experiment perilous (1944).

Quick Facts of Hedy Lamarr

Full Name

Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler

Nick Name

Hollywood’s Loveliest Legendary Lady Queen of Glamour

Birth Date

November 9, 1914

Age of Death

85 years old




Vienna, Austria-Hungary

Father’s Name

Gertrud “Trude” Kiesler

Mother’s Name

Emil Kiesler




Wifi (Radio-Signal)


Denise Loder, Anthony Loder, James Lamarr Markey, and James Loder








EFF Pioneer Award


Ecstasy and Me


Studied Ballet and Piano


Actor, Inventor, Film Producer, and Musician

Marital Status



Lewis J. Boies

Net Worth

$5 Million

Social Media


Early Life of Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr an American actress was born on November 9th, 1914 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, the only child of Emil Kiesler and Gertrud TrudeKiesler. Her father was a successful bank manager who was born to a Galician-Jewish family.

Her mother was a pianist, born in Budapest to an upper-class Hungarian-Jewish family. She converted to Catholicism as an adult at the insistence of her first husband and raised her daughter Hedy as a Catholic as well, though she was not formally baptized at the time.

During her childhood, Lamarr showed an interest in acting. At the early age of 12, Hedy won a beauty contest in Vienna. She then began to associate invention with her father, who would take her out on a walk, explaining how various technologies in society functioned.

European film career 

Early work: 

Hedy with the maiden name of Hedy Kiesler took an acting classroom in Vienna. One day, she forgot permission from her mother and went to Sascha-film where she was tired of the script girl.

Hedy gained a role as an extra in money on the street (1930) and then a small speaking part in a water glass(1931). Lamarr met Producer Max Reinhardt who cast her in a play entitled The Weaker Sex, at the Theatre in der Josefstadt.

Hedy Lamarr working her best
Hedy Lamarr working her best

After meeting Russian theatre producer Alexis Granowsky l, she was cast in his film directorial debut, The Trunks of Mr O.F.(1931), starring Walter Abel and Peter Lorre. Grabowsky soon moved to Paris, but Kiesler stayed in Berlin to work. She was given a lead role in No Money Needed (1932), a comedy directed by Carl.

In early 1933, at age 18, Hedy, was given the lead in Gustav Machaty’s film Ecstasy (Ekstase in German, Extase in Czech).

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In the movie, she played the neglected young wife of a different older man. Also, Hedy was also shown in closeups and brief nude scenes, the latter reportedly a result of the actress being “deped” by the director and producer, who used high-power telephoto lenses.

After the movie, Hedy was awarded in Rome that gained her world recognition in European movies.

However, in the US, the movie was banned, considered overly sexual, and made the target of negative publicity, especially among women’s groups. It was also banned in Germany due to Kiesler’s Jewish heritage.

Her husband, Fritz Mabel, reportedly spent over $300,000 buying up and destroying copies of the film.

Career Life of Hedy Lamarr

After Hedy’s arrival in London in 1937, she met Louis B. Mayer, head of MUM, WHI WAS SCOUTING FOR TALENT IN Europe. Lamarr at the beginning turned down the offer he made her (of $125 a week) but booked herself into the same New York-bound liner as he.

During the trip, Lamarr impressed Louis for a $500 a week contract. He then persuaded her to change her name from HedwigKiesler (to distance herself from “the Ecstasy lady” reputation associated with it). 

She chooses the surname “Lamarr” in homage to be a beautiful silent film star, Barbara La Marr, at the suggestion of Mayer’s wife, Margaret Sheinberg. When Mayer brought Lamarr To Hollywood in 1838, he began promoting her as “world’s most beautiful woman.” 

Vintage Actress Hedy Lamarr
Vintage Actress Hedy Lamarr

Lamarr also cast as the lead opposite role of Charles Boyer which created a “National Sensation,” says Shearer. Lamarr was billed as an unknown but well-published Austrian actress, which created anti location in audiences.

Hedy Lamarr as Producer

After leaving MGM in 1945, Lamarr formed production company Mars Film Corporation with Jack Chertok and Hunt Stromberg, producing two film noir motion pictures which she also starred in: The Stranger Women (1946) as a manipulation seductress leading as on to murder hid father, and Dishonoured Lady (1947) as a formerly suicidal fashion designer trying to start a new life but gets accused of murder.

Her imitative was unwelcomed by the Hollywood establishment, as they were against actors (especially female actors) producing their films independently. Both films grossed over their budgets but were not large commercial successes.

Latter films of Hedy Lamarr 

In 1948, she tried a comedy with Robert Cumming, called Let’s Live a Little; Lamarr enjoyed her greatest success playing Delilah opposite Victor Mature as the biblical strongman in Cecil B.

Gorgeous looks of Hedy Lamarr
Gorgeous looks of Hedy Lamarr

A massive critical and commercial success, the film became the highest-grossing picture of 1950 and two Academy Awards (Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design) of its five nominations. Lamarr won critical acclaim for the portrayal of Delilah.

Showmen’s Trade Review previewed the film before its release and commended her performance: “Miss Lamarr is just about everyone’s conception of the fair-skinned, dark-haired, beauteous Delilah, a role trailer made for her, and her best acting chore to date.

Hedy Lamarr Wifi Invention

Talented and self-taught Lamarr is an engineer who looks forward to new inventions. During the great World War II, Hedy learned about the radio-controlled torpedoes and that the device could be jammed and hacked.

Hedy along with her friend, George Antheil created a miniature player-piano mechanism with radio signals. Their invention of the mechanism was approved for a patent on August 11, 1942.

Later their mechanism was installed on Navy Ships with many updates and also in Bluetooth technology which we call today WiFi.

Marriages and children: 

Lamarr in her entire life was married and divorced six times and had three children. At first, she was married to Friedrich Mandl in 1933, a chairman of the Hirtenberger Patronen-Fabrik. But their relationship Did work. They got divorced in 1937.

After the divorce of Friedrich Mabel, she married Gene Markey in 1939, a screenwriter and producer. She adopts a boy, James Lamarr Mickey, born on January 9, 1939, during her marriage with Mickey.

In the year 2001, James found out that he was the out-of-wedlock son of Lamarr and actor John Older, Whom she later married as far the third husband. Lamarr got married to John Older in 1943. James Lamaar Mickey was adopted by Loder as James as Lamarr Lodar.

During the marriage, Lamarr and Loder also had two further children. Denise Loder was born in January 1945 and married Larry Colton, a writer, and former basketball player, and Authority Loder was born on February 1, 1947.

The fourth time she married Ernest TedStauffer in 1951 was a nightclub owner, restaurant, and format bandleader. Again she got married to W. Howard Lee in 1953. Lastly, she married Lewis J. Boies in 1973 but divorced in 1965.

Her sixth and final divorce in 1965 and Lamarr remained unmarried for the last 35 years of her life.

Death of Hedy Lamarr

On January 19, 2000, Lamarr died in Casselberry, Florida because of heart disease at the age of 85. After her death as per Lamarr wishes, she was cremated, and her son Anthony Loder spread her ashes in Austria’s Vienna Woods.

Hedy Lamarr Quotes

  • The World is not any easier. With all these new inventions I believe that people are hurried more and pushed more… The hurried way is not the right way; you need time for everything – time to work, time to play, time to rest.
  • Men are the most virile and most attractive between the ages of 35 and 55. Under 35 a man has too much to learn, and I do not have time to teach him.
  • Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.
  • Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. The unknown was always so attractive to me … and still is.
  • Films have a certain place in a certain time period. Technology is forever.


1. What did Hedy Lamaar invent?

Ledy Lamarr invented the WiFi 1940s Hollywood siren dubbed as “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”.

2. When did Hedy Lamarr die?

Hedy Lamarr died on January 19, 2000, at nearly 2:42 pm at the age of 86.

3. Who was Hedy Lamarr married to?

Hedy Lamarr was married six times.

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