Doug Emhoff: American Lawyer, Kamala Harris & Net Worth

An initial Jewish husband of a vice president of America is Doug Emhoff. Besides, Doug is a lawyer of America, and Emhoff is also known as the second gentleman of The United States.

Doug before was an entertainment lawyer. He began his career in law as an entertainment lawyer. Additionally, Emhoff was also an M.D. of Venable’s West Coast office. After a while, Doug became a partner of DLA Piper

American Lawyer Dough Emhoff
American Lawyer Doug Emhoff

Furthermore, Doug is a substitute professor at Georgetown University Law Centre.

Quick Facts of Doug Emhoff

Full Name

Douglas Emhoff

Nick Name



October 13, 1964


56 years old


New York, United States






USC Gould School of Law

California State University

University of Southern California

Cedar Ridge High School

Agoura High School



Marital Status



Kamala Harris


Ella Emhoff

Cole Emhoff

Net Worth

$5.8 Million

Social Media Presence



Early Life and Education

New York City Brooklyn was the born place of the American lawyer. Emhoff was born in a Jewish family. His mother was Barabara, and Doug’s father was Micheal Emhoff

Doug’s birth year is 1964. October 13. The original name of Doug is Douglas Craig Emhoff.

Talking about Doug’s siblings, Emhoff has two siblings. Doug’s brother is Andie, alongside Emhoff’s sister Jamie. 

During the years 1969 to 1981, Emhoff was raised in Matawan and Old Bridge Township, New Jersey. While staying in New Jersey, Emhoff continued his education at Cedar Ridge High School.

Meanwhile, at the age of 17, the Emhoff family moved to California. After migrating to California, Doug initiated the education and graduated from Agoura High School.

He got his Bachelors in Arts from the California State University, Northridge, along with a Juris Doctor through the USC Gould School of Law in 1990.

For 16 years, he stayed in married life with Kerstin Emhoff. The couple had two children named Cole and Ella

Furthermore, Doug got hitched to Kamala Harris on August 22, 2014. Emhoff and Harris got married in Santa Barbara, which is located in California. 

Maya Harris, sister of Kamala Harris, officiating the marriage of Emhoff and Harris. 

Career of Doug Emhoff

He was initiating the career towards Pillsbury Winthrop’s litigation team as an entertainment litigator. Emhoff established his very own firm along with Ben Whitwell around the year 2000. Furthermore, it was also obtained via Venable LLP in 2006. 

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The clients of Emhoff included Walmart and Merck. Alongside, as we told before, Doug also became the M.D. of Venable’s West Coast Offices. 

In the year 2017, Emhoff collaborated with DLA Piper as their partner. Doug operated the work through California and Washington D.C. Office headquarters. 

Dough Emhoff delivering speech
Doug Emhoff delivering speech

As of the 2020 election, Kamala was joining the running mate with Joe Biden as Vice President. Doug Emhoff decided to take a leave of absence from the firm.

Moreover, due to Joe and Harris’s winning, the team declared Doug ought to Permanently leave DLA Piper before the inauguration date to neglect the fight of interest concerns.

December 2020 was the date while Georgetown University Law Centre planned to take Doug as the visiting lecturer and the lecturer for the school’s Institute for Technology and Law and Policy.

Were Emhoff and Harris well known before they met?

Doug and Kamala met in 2013. They didn’t have an official meet; it was a sort of a blind date managed by Harris’s and Emhoff friends, who were friends of both. 

Kamala Harris was working as attorney general for two long years. Harris was famous on the national field. Additionally, Doug has also got success in his place, which collaborates with the Law Firm DLA Piper.

Dough Emhoff and his wife Kamala harris
Doug Emhoff and his wife Kamala harris

The Doug had clients that included brilliantly, the ad agency behind the Taco Bell chihuahua, a little excitement, a club owner accused of sexual battery also an organization that marketed AK-47’s.

What does Emhoff always mention?

The second gentlemen always state that Emhoff usually experiences that he is the frontrunner. 

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The Doug always mentions himself as a guy. He usually states in the way, “I am a guy who has received this role.” Additionally, “I am a guy, not a politician” also Emhoff states that “I am a guy, a lawyer, and a dad.”

Trivia of Doug Emhoff

  1. The Doug got married to Kerstin Emhoff.
  2. Doug and Kerstin were together for 16 years. The couple had two children.
  3. The Doug took birth in New York, but Emhoff was raised in New Jersey and Los Angeles.
  4. During January, Doug collaborated in Georgetown Law, working as a Differentiated Visitor through Practice. 
  5. Being a lawyer, Doug has shown a Real Housewives husband, also the ad agency that made the Taco Bell Chihuahua.
  6. The second gentlemen and the Women Vice-President met each other on a blind date.
  7. Do you know? The Doug is a fantastic Golf Player. Additionally, the second gentlemen is an active fantasy football player, this is stated by Vogue.
  8. The owner of @Secondgentleman Handle on Twitter is none other than Doug Emhoff.

Interests if The Lawyer Doug Emhoff

The Doug has worked as a talker Anker to the nonprofit Association of Independent Commercial Producers, and additionally, Doug has also been into civic and charity works. 

The above works were carried in legal aid places, injustice for social well-being, and children’s welfare.

Doug’s campaigning and Election of 2020

When Doug stated himself as a nonpolitical individual, he had been taken into Campaigning towards Kamala Harris’s 2016 U.S. Senate run. 

Dough standing for campaign
Doug standing for campaign

Moreover, Doug turned into an invaluable raiser for the funds via his high connections towards the legal and entertainment field leaders. 

Doug scored the campaign series in earnest afterward when Kamala turned into the running friend of Democratic presidential member Joe Biden, the president. 

The road towards the Law career of Doug Emhoff

Doug in 1990 initiated the legal road as an associate at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, additionally afterward in Bingham McCutchen.

They were transferring on to Belin Rawlings and Badal in the conclusion of the era. The youngster attorney received the position of partner and had fun in Doug’s initial extensive step of entertainment law via Doug Emhoff’s work and the Hollywood Video and Industries studios.

The Doug then collaborated with two friends to release Whitwell Jacoby Emhoff. The year was 2000, making them understand and accept incorporating their commercial litigation practice into the prominent firm of Venable LLP. Emhoff team up a significant portfolio lawsuit against the rights towards making the non-well known Taco Bell Chihuahua and also launched medicine pharmaceutical behemoth Merck, and arms dealer Dolarian Capital and also the former NFL star Willie Gault in big situations.

Net Worth of Doug Emhoff

The Net Worth of Emhoff is estimated at $5.8 million. Emhoff owns homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Harris and Emhoff reside at the Number One Observatory Circle. 

Social Media updates of Doug Emhoff

When Kamala Harris Emhoff’s wife was standing for the Election2020, Doug always supported Harris via social media too. 

If you visit Emhoff’s Twitter account, you are going to peer through lots of beautiful shoutouts to Kamala Harris. 

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Additionally, one day before the Inauguration instance, Doug sentenced at G.Q. expressing about the encounter of Collaborating the Joe-Kamala campaign.

The word written by Doug goes this way: “Virtually Overnight, I went without being a lawyer to being a member of a team who fights for justice and trys to turn the page on a dark chapter in our nation.”

Doug Emhoff Quotes

  • I’ll always remember generations of women have served in this role before me — often without much accolade or acknowledgment. It’s their legacy of progress I will build on as Second Gentleman.
  • She spends days thinking about the menu, grinding her own pepper, driving all over town just to find that one ingredient that we need, i’ve gotten pretty handy in the kitchen as her sous-chef.
  • I didn’t want it to end. And so the next morning, I pulled the move of emailing her with my availabilities for the next four months, including long weekends, and I said something like,’ I’m too old to hide the ball. You’re great. I want to see if we can make this work. Here’s when I’m available next.’ And I guess it worked.
  • She made that decision, and I would have supported whatever she decided. But I’m not her political adviser. I’m her husband. And so my role was to be there for her, to love her, to have her back, to talk it through, to help her.
  • Our relationship and the way I roll, my whole life has just been to support the people I love unequivocally, and they support me. The whole thing has been based on parity and mutual respect.


  1. Who was Doug Emhoff?

Doug Emhoff is a lawyer and the husband of U.S. vice president Kamala Harris. He is the first-ever Second Gentleman in the United States.

  1. To whom Doug Emhoff got married to?

Doug Emhoff met Harris in 2013 after a client of his and a friend of Harris set them up on a blind date.

3. Who was Doug Emhoff ex wife?

Kerstin Emhoff was Doug Emhoff ex wife.

4. What high school did Doug Emhoff go to?

Ans: He went to USC Gould School of Law, California State University, University of Southern California, Cedar Ridge High School, and Agoura High School.

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